Please consider the following prior to installation:

Windmill Flooring does not guarantee installation start or finish times and will not be held liable for costs incurred that are beyond our control.

Please ensure a parking space is available for our crew.

  • Remove all floor coverings (including pad and staples) before the installers arrive unless you have ordered this service.
  • Remove all furniture from the room unless you have ordered this service. All small objects such as books, figurines, etc., must be removed by the customer. Stereos, computers, etc. must be disconnected. Windmill Flooring will not be held responsible for damage caused by moving furniture or appliances.
  • Please do not remove existing tackstrip (smoothedge) in carpet applications.
  • If the thickness of the new carpet requires the re-cutting of doors, this will be the customer’s responsibility. Carpet installers are not qualified to do carpentry work.
  • Remove all baseboard mouldings where vinyl is being installed. Windmill Flooring will not be responsible for breakage of baseboards or damage to paint, walls or mouldings.
  • Please be prepared to touch-up painted walls. The customer should expect some scuff marks under 3 feet above the floor.
  • Disconnecting of any gas appliances should be completed by a qualified technician.
  • We recommend using a qualified plumber to remove & replace your toilet.
  • Please ensure heat and a power connection to the site prior to installation.
  • If there are heat pipes in your floor you must inform the installer prior to installation.
  • There will be an additional charge for the removal of material that has been soiled by bio-waste (animal feces, etc.). Installers will not dispose of this material and Windmill Flooring will instruct the installers that they have the right to leave the site if they determine it is too soiled.
  • There will be a charge for a vinyl seam sealer kit where applicable.
  • Sub-contractors will not remove glass doors. Please ensure parking is available.
  • A $90.00 charge + GST will be levied if the installer has to make two trips to adhere the tackstrip to concrete.
  • A cancellation fee of $195 + GST will be levied if the customer cancels the job within 36 hours before the job is scheduled.
  • We do not warranty installations over existing underpad. Please be available for payment when the job is completed.
  • The Estimate Form you have received from the store is an estimate.  A proper quote will be done on inspection by the installer that will be doing the job.

All carpet and vinyl installations are fully guaranteed for 2 years.

Laminate and wood installations are fully guaranteed for 1 year.